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Ancestry - 14 Days Free

What does Ancestry.com.au offer members?

Sometimes the most challenging part of tracing your family roots can be just knowing where to start. Going to Ancestry.com offers even the novice genealogist a perfect jumping off point to uncovering their full family tree.

What does Ancestry.com offer members? Simply put, this website opens up a treasure trove of resources that can help you track down the names you seek.

Members can search through ship passenger lists to Australia from the 19th Century or peruse census records from the 19th and 20th century to discover when their ancestors first set foot on the continent. They can also browse through military records, deeds, wills, court records and parish records to discover what place their ancestors held in early Australian society.

You can trace things back even farther and sift through an unmatched collection of birth, marriage and death records from the United Kingdom. Since many Australians descend from original 19th century British colonists, these records can form the trunk of your family tree.

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There are a multitude of resources available to help you in your search located within the learning centre at Ancestry.com. Here you can use tools to aid your research. These include articles helping researchers new to combing through family history, a Family Facts feature where you can learn the origin of your last name and what that name actually means and some tips on how to preserve family photos or read languages with which you are unfamiliar.

One feature with Ancestry.com that is especially nice is how the website allows you to connect with other members through online forums. There is a member directory where you can connect with fellow members directly or you can post a message on the message board when you need answers or help in locating ancestors.

Prospective members can sign up and try out Ancestry.com for 14 days. During this two-week trial, they can obtain full access to the site and try out all of its features and tools for free.

Ancestry - 14 Days Free

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