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Checklist When Buying A Used Motorbike

Purchasing a used motorcycle is a great way to save money. Thorough checking of any potential motorcycle is absolutely essential. Motorbikes that have been abused or not properly maintained will require many repairs and expenses will add up quickly. Top things to check for when purchasing a used motorcycle:

Motorcycle Frame
Check for any cracked or fatigued areas on the frame. All areas of a motorcycle frame are not readily visible, so remove objects in the way and thoroughly check the frame.

Cracked Motor Mounts
Motor mount cracks can lead to expensive repairs. Pull the gas tank to check for cracks on the motor mounts.

Cracks Or Fatigue On Monoshock Mounts
Remove the seat from the motorcycle to see both monoshock mounts. Examine the mounts for cracks and fatigue. Abused or raced motorcycles will often have issues in these mounts.

Check Forks And Alignment
Place yourself in front of the motorcycle and remove the gas tank. Visually inspect the frame to look for frame damage. Bent or uneven frames will allow you to recognize if the bike has been wrecked.

Examine forks for seal leaks. Determine if the motorbike has twists or bends in the legs. Bad suspension is a sign the motorcycle has not been properly cared for or maintained.

Centre Stand
Inspect the motorcycle for side to side play. Determine if the bike has bad bearings by putting the wheels in the air and examining the bearings for wear and fatigue.

Air Filter
Checking the air filter to determine if the air box is clean. Owners who have not properly maintained their motorcycle, will not have taken the time to change or clean the air filter. A dirty or clogged air filter is a good sign that the motorcycle has been abused.

Walk away from sellers who are not willing to allow you to check the aforementioned items. Anybody selling a good, used motorcycle will gladly let a potential buyer check for issues. Be willing to walk away if a seller balks at your inspection requests.

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