Saturday , 20 January 2018
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Tips and Tricks – Warming Up for Runners and Joggers

Warming up before any activity is always encouraged. This is certainly the case when it comes to running and jogging. A proper warm up sessions can make the workout go more smoothly and help to prevent injury. The main thing to do when warming up would be a number of different stretches. These should stretch the legs as well as …

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What To Eat Before and After A Marathon

While training for a marathon, the proper diet will have been a key facet of your training program. As you approach the last few weeks before race day, nutrition becomes even more important. A proper diet in terms of quantity and quality, before, during and after, training and competition, will maximize your race day performance. Throughout your training, you have …

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How to Stay Fit in the Heat of Summer

One of the greatest challenges for individuals with fitness goals is figuring out how to manage their fitness routine in the summer months when temperatures can rise above that which is bearable. We have all had that feeling of wanting to head out for a jog of a few kilometers only to open the door and be scorched to the …

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