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Deploying Technology To Divert Criminals

Technology is everywhere in our constantly advancing world. It controls traffic, helps maintain our heart health, and can even be used to clean our houses now in days. It is with that same notion that technology is constantly used in law enforcement. In particular, it is used daily around the world by the men and women of crime scene investigation. Technology helps crime scene investigators stay one step ahead of criminals and is one of the leading resources they have available to them.

Out in the field there are many pieces of technology that are used to study and document the area the crime was committed in. One of the most commonly used technological device is one you may own yourself, a digital camera. The dependability of one over a film style camera is necessary in order to make sure evidence will be usable, after all that is the purpose of the investigation. Another form of technology used by in the field crime scene investigators is special lighting equipment, often times laser based, that allows agents to reveal blood splatter, urine, and other forms of evidence that can appear invisible to the naked eye.

Back in the lab the technology is even more ground breaking. State of the art computers and processing machines are the back bone of the laboratory. Advanced imaging software allows lab technician to recreate the scene of the crime in a fully 3D environment, gaining new perspective along the way. Advanced microscopes can help the lab techs sort between the hair of the victim, for instance, and that of the murderer. DNA processing devices as well as fingerprint analysis software are the staples of the operation, which have been used the most in developing cases against suspected criminals.

Overall, technology is used widely in the struggle for justice. Crime scene investigators deploy use of technology on a daily basis to help catch criminals before they strike again. As technology becomes more advanced, the ways to uncover the events of a crime scene become much easier than before.

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