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Digging up the Dough

Where are Fossils most likely to be found? The world is a large place, but believe it or not, fossils can be found all over the world. Fossils are most often found in rock. We all know there are different types of rocks. Fossils call sedimentary rocks home. Sedimentary rock is a rock that is formed from material found at the surface of the earth and in bodies of water. When most people think of fossils, they think of dinosaurs, or some other prehistoric animal; however, fossils can also be plants.

Fossils are not only found in sediment rock or bodies of water. A fossil can also be an organism that has become frozen or has died in an oxygen-free environment. It is easier for an organism with hard body parts and also a long existence before becoming extinct to be fossilized.

For someone who is not a paleontologist, coming across a fossil is a rare occurrence. In most cases, organisms decompose very quickly after death. For something to be fossilized, the remains of the organism would have to be covered by sediment very quickly. If someone were to come across a fossil, it could be worth a fortune. However, that would depend on the age of the fossil. The older the fossil, the higher the value

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