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How to Stay Fit in the Heat of Summer

One of the greatest challenges for individuals with fitness goals is figuring out how to manage their fitness routine in the summer months when temperatures can rise above that which is bearable. We have all had that feeling of wanting to head out for a jog of a few kilometers only to open the door and be scorched to the bone. Here are a few suggestions for those who just can not bear the challenges of running underneath that hot summer sun.

Try the Swimming Pool

Perhaps the most efficient exercise is doing laps in the pool. Water exercises do not cause the same stress on bones and joints as many other types of workouts such as running. Not to mention that sweating isn’t an issue in the water. Aerobic workouts in the pool quickly tone muscles that aren’t used as often during other drills.

Treadmills can Often Do the Trick

While they aren’t ideal, treadmills often are an adequate substitute to running outdoors. Some individuals just cannot handle the boredom of running in place without breathing the fresh air of the outdoors. However, this can quickly be remedied with today’s technology. 30 minutes on the treadmill can also include 30 minutes of catching up on your favorite television show, newest music tracks, or entertaining radio shows.

The Gym can Perform Wonders

Yes, the gym charges a monthly fee in order to use their equipment. And yes, other people will be all around during your workout. But the neighborhood gym is usually air conditioned and filled with the newest equipment to help you get into shape. Outdoor running can only work so many muscles even though you do tune the majority of them. Gym equipment can allow you to work on areas of your body that you may not even think about that also need some attention once in a while.

So while that summer heat is glaring down on you outside, it may be beneficial to consider some alternative means to reaching those fitness goals.

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