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Ways to Use Free Samples (Part 2)

You can find free samples for just about every product you use through free product Web sites. With a little planning, you can collect enough free samples for one of these projects.

Set up a houseguest basket. Even when we carefully plan what we need for a trip, it’s easy to forget something. Keep a container of samples such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, and soap for your visitors that leave home without everything they need.

Welcome a new baby. New parents always appreciate a chance to save money. There are plenty of baby product samples available, and you can collect these to give to the proud parents. Most of these products come with coupons, which the parents will appreciate when they head to the store.

Make up emergency kits. Set up a few emergency kits with samples of bandages, hand wipes, and snacks to keep in your car for unexpected situations.

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