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Tips and Tricks – Warming Up for Runners and Joggers

Warming up before any activity is always encouraged. This is certainly the case when it comes to running and jogging. A proper warm up sessions can make the workout go more smoothly and help to prevent injury. The main thing to do when warming up would be a number of different stretches. These should stretch the legs as well as the arms and back. Each stretch should be held for at least ten seconds and you should never bounce or move quickly when warming up.

Jumping rope is another method that can be employed before the jog or run. Doing this will help to loosen up many muscles in the body.

Walking and moving around before actually starting the run can be one way to warm up. Walk a few blocks before speeding up. This will ease the body into the exercise.

It does not necessarily matter what type of warm up exercises are done. The main thing would be to ensure that the body is adequately ready for the workout.

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