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Mind, Body, Soul: Total Body Healing (1 of 3, MBS)

The concept of total body healing does not have to be an existential, foreign concept that does not coincide with practical life in any way. Science and alternative medicine and healing techniques do not have to oppose each other, and you do not have to choose one method or the other. By making choices that are scientifically poignant and personally satisfying in terms of your health, you will enhance the benefits of both disciplines within your life. Below are a few ways in which you can modify your thought processes to fit scientific research and methods of alternative health.

  1. Happiness (enjoying things) is healthy.

    You do not have to have scientific evidence to know that feeling happy and staying away from stress is a healthy activity. Stress in undue amounts is quite physiological and can cause real physical pain. Many of the illnesses that the body receives actually begin in the mind and not in the physical world.

    Make an effort to enjoy everything that you do and you will find that the scientific healing methods that you undertake will be more effective.

  2. Do not shun the value of science, but interpret it for your own life.

    There are many studies that say humans are not meant to eat meat, but many people become sick and weak if they do not eat meat. This is an example of a scientific study generalizing across a sample of the population that it does not necessarily have the ability to speak for.

    Trust your instincts. You know that eating Twinkies all day is bad. When you have a craving for a food, you should probably go and find that food. Extrapolate this to all areas of your life and you will most likely become healthier.

  3. Realize that comfort does not always mean healthy.

    Sometimes people become comfortable in bad habits. Some actually learn to enjoy depression and will perform actions to place themselves back into that state. Realize that you control your feelings and you will become a healthier person.

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