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What to Look for in a Housemate

When it comes to locating a suitable housemate, it is important for that person to be friendly. This is not to say that everybody should get along perfectly, spending all their free time together. On the other hand, a roommate should be able to behave in a polite manner, even if they find that they disagree with something or even experience a fight or two.

Experiencing a houseshare, also known as roomshare or house sharing, also implies reliability. When the time comes to pay the bills, the roommate should not have to be reminded on several occasions to give their share. They should also be able to clean their own messes and make their own meals. If the housemate does not do this, a replacement should be located.

A proper and successful roomshare should mean that the two or more people living in the same space are compatible. Some people like to stay up until certain hours of the night, or enjoy playing music at a
certain volume. While completely opposite personalities have been known to work, a houseshare of this type can sometimes bring controversy. A studious person probably would not appreciate loud music, and somebody who goes to bed early might find somebody who stays up late annoying. Before house sharing, the roommates should make their preferences clear.

A good housemate will also communicate when they have an issue or simply want to share their feelings. Should the roommate keep everything inside, nobody will be able to guess what they are thinking, or even
what they may want. If the houseshare makes them uncomfortable, for example, and they do not voice this, it will come out in other ways; being a shy person is not an unattractive thing, but they should still
be able to speak up when needed. Somebody seeking to roomshare should keep this in mind.

Many people would claim that patience is something to look for, and that preference is hard to deny. If somebody is prone to anger if their roommate did not make the bed properly, or they leave crumbs on the
table after eating, this will bring about great upset. The ideal housemate should know when to exercise restraint, and realize that they have to be patient even if they are in a sour mood or have had a bad

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